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yuppies 1, angry girl 0

Posted in friends, yupster with tags , , , , , , , on August 21, 2008 by angrygirl

I got a call last night from an old friend from high school. Its the same usual catching up sort of call that one makes out of some sense of obligation. we’ve been drifting apart for quite some time, and last night I pretty much wrote her off.

The whole issue had been brewing for years and I finally said something about it. My friend has turned into a hipster/yuppie bitch. (I hereby coin the term “yupster”). She moved out to San Francisco, with her cynical boyfriend, and they eat organic food, shop at trader joe’s, read Salman Rushdie, and have the nerve to refer to me as an elitist!

Yes, nothing says elitist like sleeping on a broken futon in someone else’s living room while you’re looking for more work.

I mean, I must be the elitist since she’s always criticizing everything I do, from the music I listen to, the books I read, the movies I watch. And if she’s not openly critical, she’s down right condescending. At first I thought it was just me. That I was overreacting… but then I came to see that none of my other friends treated me like that. In fact, they couldn’t understand why anyone would call me “elitist” except for a raw sense of irony.

Then I realized that she has never been to any of my gallery shows. Ok, she’s on the other side of the country, but she was in the area when I had my only solo show. And she couldn’t be bothered to go check it out. I redesigned a failing magazine into Barnes & Noble. And she couldn’t be bothered to even check out her local fucking store.

Then I realized that I was always taking the hit. I was always keeping my mouth shut, or backing down to keep the peace, or driving her ass around, listening to her whining. I’d listen to all her stories, and watch how she would drift off whenever I spoke. I almost forgot, I used to play a game with her. I’d see how many times I would NOT finish what I was saying just to see if she was listening. Turns out she listened far less than I expected…

A few years back, she got a crazy boyfriend. I told her the day she met him that he was crazy. Months later while i could HEAR him talking shit about me and hear her silence in “defending” me. In fact, one time, he flipped out on me, and she just sat there, saying and doing nothing.

I should have known right there exactly who I was dealing with.

Last year, she came to visit me and another friend. My other friend mentioned how she is moving from Brooklyn to the city, and bitch snorted… Like shes so much cooler cause she lives in California. So I was insulted and pressed her.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Did you just scoff at us?”

“Um… no, I was…”

“Cause it sounded like you scoffed at us about moving to the city…”

“I was… yeah, I’m sorry, that was kind of snotty.”

What a bitch.

Jesus Christ, we’d been friends for like a fucking decade, and she could care less about any of my art. I’m not saying to kiss my ass or look at everything I’ve ever drawn. But could you at least look at something and HIDE your face when you turn your nose up at it?

Its not like I make fun of the ridiculous 80s outfits she now wears. Her and her yupster boyfriend will criticize my taste in music, but have they even thought about the garbage THEY listen to? NEWSFLASH, sometimes bands don’t get record deals because they SUCK, not because they’re keepin it real…

And you know what? I think your dinner parties are fucking lame too! YOU’RE NOT RICH! Stop acting like you are. Two douchebags who have never worked an honest hard day’s work, and they have the nerve to criticize my lifestyle?

At least I think for a living!

So, the last straw…

I used to work for a magazine. (The one I got into Barnes & Noble). They stole a draft of mine and made it into a product. That’s illegal. They also owe me thousands of dollars on top of that. They even had the balls to ask me for more work even tho they still owe me. I told her the story, and this bitch actually started criticizing me!

“…sounds like you’re enjoying their demise”


This isnt the first time either. I found out that i was being severely underpaid at an old job, so when I fought back with the boss, she told me I was being very unprofessional.

Way to be supportive huh?

So I get off the phone with her, and my rage keeps building. I don’t even want to talk to this bitch anymore, so I started to text her, “fuck off, don’t even bother talking to me again, i have nothing to say to you”

But I edited it down to:”Perhaps I’m overthinking, but that convo really pissed me off”

She calls me back to yell that I’m too sensitive and that she’s afraid to say things to me because of it. I tell her that I can hear the disapproval in her voice every time I talk to her, so maybe there’s a reason I’m all paranoid about her. I feel that she’s always judging me… negatively too.

Again she admitted to being obnoxious, she apologized, swore she would be more supportive, yada yada yada.

The second convo ended on a lighter note, but I am now certain that I don’t care for this person anymore. Shit, she even said that she has a hard time thinking for herself. That she doesnt want to become complacent at her job, but she’ll just wait til something better comes along, blah blah blah.

Yeah, she works at an arts thing, like most typical wannabe artists that lack the courage to put themselves out there… I love how people who suck at art, are the ones who write the grants. No wonder contemporary art sucks balls.

“Don’t be so sensitive!”

FUCK YOU! Its easy to tell someone to not be sensitive if you yourself are incapable of coming up with an independant thought! It’s real fucking easy to criticize this or that, if you’ve never created a single thing. How dare you tell an artist not to be so sensitive when their work was stolen!

I honestly think that she deep down has resented me for quite some time. Which is why she seems to actively look for reasons to look down on me. OMG I like a band that happens to be main stream. Its not like I watch TRL or something, calm the fuck down.

God she used to be so cool. No, the more I think about it, she was copying me when we used to hang out. Now, she’s copying her boyfriend. I don’t even think I’ll go to the wedding.

Go ahead, go back to your cushy non productive useless job in San Francisco. Keep shouting your love for Rushdie and Harper’s, yet complain you can’t keep up with “thinking critically all the time”. Go be a Stepford Wife. In a few years she’ll make the final switch and will vote conservative straight down the line.

God I hate fake liberals. She’s just as dumb as the blind conservatives. Sheltered pricks who have unbelievable luck, they have never been handed a tragedy, therefore think anyone who gets upset is “too sensitive”.

Ha ha, you should have seen how frightened she was when I offered to introduce her to my friend Jimmy. Jimmy’s a homeless guy who hangs around 6th in Greenwich Village. She acted like they’re a different species…

“I’m a little apprehensive about talking to homeless people.”

I wish I introduced them, she could have learned a lot from him. He’s one of the wisest, happiest people I know…

Go. Go drink your wine, or Chablis, whatever the fuck you pussies call it. Put on your vintage jazz record, pretend to enjoy it, even tho you have no clue why Coltrane chose to play those notes, brag to anyone within earshot how much you LOVE NPR. Cause it’s all a show ain’t it? And if it’s not jazz, then its one of those interchangeable bands… “The ______” streaks, strokes, killers, decembrists, etc. They all sound the same, and they all sound like shit. The nerve to complain about corporatism and conformity, when that’s exactly what that indie rock scene is.

Soft bellied Americans make me projectile vomit. Prancing about like privileged folk.

I understand people grow apart. It happens. But you know what, I didn’t miss her when she moved across the country a few years ago, and I sure as hell won’t miss her now. The yuppies can have her. She admitted she can’t think for herself. And call me an elitist, but I can’t hang with someone that fucking shallow.