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The McCain Mirage

Posted in politics with tags , , , on August 27, 2008 by angrygirl

The following is the first image that came to mind when John McCain won the Republican candidacy.

It’s definitely one of my better caricatures, in my “not-that-humble” opinion. I understand that people can lose their cool. Believe me, with a pen name like “angrygirl”, I am all too familiar with the many different types of rages that boil within. If you’re gonna be a crochity old man, then at the very least, make sure you direct your indignation to those worthy of it!

Personally, I think my drawing captures the essence of McCain way more than his melodramatic soldier story. If McCain was a Democrat, you can bet your ass that not only would his military service be attacked, his patriotism would be questioned as well. It amuses me that he complains of the imaginary media bias favoring Obama, considering the free passes he’s be given.

Keating 5, anyone?

People would be burning Obama effigies if he showed even the slightest empathy with the plight of the Palestinians. Yet, people seem to have no problem with McCain speaking at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty “University”, despite having condemned him only a few years prior.

Man, this guy has really created an alternate version of himself. I love how he fronts like he’s some “maverick”, when really, he’s just another opportunistic detached douchebag. He’s not the man he pretends to be, and by a long shot. If you gave an honest assessment of this man’s real character, you’ll see that he’s only a maverick of appearances. Not of actual substance.

People’s candid moments speak volumes.

Lets take a look at some mature, maverick foreign policy…

Yes, that’s the “best” candidate the Republican party has to offer. It amazes me that people have finally realized how bad it is to have a moron in office, yet they see no similarity in someone actually JOKING about BOMBING a country that is already at odds with us. Great show of diplomacy, asshole. I’m sure the Iranians can’t wait to sign a peace accord with us now!

McCain seems unable to provide consistent answers so his handlers have ended that whole “Straight Talk Express”. Isn’t that what he was campaigning on? Shooting from the hip? Guess that was also part of the McCain Mirage. Cause when he shoots from the hip, he can’t even tell you how many houses he owns.


In a time of foreclosures and the mortgage crisis, McCain can think only of how popular Obama is, yet can’t tell you how many fucking houses he owns? And we’re supposed to believe he’s an accurate representative of the American people?

Well, he might be callous enough for the role. I mean, below is McCain celebrating his birthday with “President” Bush. Oh, by the way, that was the day of that whole Katrina disaster. Nothing major, just poor black people. I mean, God obviously didn’t like them in the first place, ain’t that right, spiritual advisor to McCain?

Mccain ate cake, while New Orleans drowned

Mccain ate cake, while New Orleans drowned

Oh but I kid you, red blooded America… At least he wasn’t playing the fiddle while Rome burned…

A modern day Nero

A modern day Nero, Bush putzes around while celebrating McCain's birthday.

Speaking of Bush, did anyone else lose respect for McCain for how he pussied out when Bush attacked him in the 2000 primaries? The real maverick thing to have done would be to continue running as an Independant, and stand up for being real, not for caving in to the typical political slander. Nope, McCain, like so many abuse victims, came to admire his tormentor.

Think about this, 5 years of torture in Vietnam, and you retain your loyalty. (Despite making 32 propaganda videos for the Communists. Yeah I know he was tortured, but if you consider Bush’s new definition, then McCain may not have been tortured.) Yet being a Republican senator has you, taking back the true statement of Jerry Falwell being an “agent of intolerance” by speaking at a “university” that bans interracial dating? Is being a Republican senator that torturous?

Damn. I’m of mixed ethnicity… Half Italian and half Chinese, which reminds me…

So, not only has he joked about bombing Iran, apparently he neglected to make the distinction between those who tortured him, and all Asian people in general. Ok, so only HALF of me is insulted, the other half is disgusted.

Why? Cause I know that most people think, “well that’s not me, so I’m cool with him”.

Uh, an injustice to one group of people is an injustice to all. It’s an insult to the very idea of freedom and equality, and I for one, do not trust an individual who is so quick to categorize an entire nationality, let alone have their finger on the red button. I would never give someone who jokes about bombing another country the responsibility of having their “finger on the red button”. But I’m just a lowly voter. Neither party really addresses any of my real concerns.

But damn, can we PLEASE stop voting for the asshole, just because he’s good at playing dress-up?