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don’t use my gender as a pawn

Posted in politics with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 31, 2008 by angrygirl

People can make all the excuses they want, but the bottom line remains, that John McCain purposely chose Sarah Palin because she is a woman.

Not because she’s the most qualified.

Make no mistake about it. That is flat out sexist.

Voting for or against someone based on their gender is sexist.

It is so painfully transparent that a huge factor in McCain choosing a female VP, is because he wanted to snag some of the angry Hillary supporters.

Now how is that sexist?

Its based on the assumption that Hillary Clinton voters only supported her because she is a woman. This move insinuates that is was Hillary’s gender, not her policies, experience, nor her intellect, that attracted so much support. Its insulting to most Hillary supporters (cause there really are people in every group), its insulting to women, and its also insulting to men… who are smart enough to realize that McCain’s camp is banking on them to vote with their penis instead of their head. Why else choose someone as ridiculous as Palin? The number one first comment that I’ve heard out of EVERY man I heard support this “move” has been on her appearance.

If I hear one more man comment on her appearance, as if someone’s physical appearance has an impact on their actual character, I think my head just might explode. And I hope my brain splatters over some sexist pig, in the hopes that my vitriol might burn some fucking ignorance out of them.

How many of you have ever been sexually harassed by a boss? Let me tell you from multiple experiences. It was not fucking cool. Every single time, it was from a man who could fire me in an instant. I can’t even begin to count the multitude of instances I had to fucking endure. By the way, it’s real easy to say lawsuit, but I obviously put up with it cause I needed the money, or I was too young to realize it.

Do you understand how demeaning that is?

So when I see something like this, a move specially reserved to use my gender as a pawn, it infuriates me.

The choice of Palin is extremely fucking shallow. And to see people bending over backwards trying to say that its a brilliant move…


It’s a desperate, shallow move. It’s a gambit.

I can’t believe I used to respect this man. I really did. I gave McCain a standing ovation, when he called out Falwell and Robertson as “agents of intolerance“. But then he started kissing Falwell’s ass cause he wanted to court the Radical Christian vote. I still respect his service to the military. But his lack of support on the GI Bill… yet another vote that McCain missed. I’m not enjoying making these criticisms of McCain. This is more out of sense of being betrayed, or outright conned.

As of late, I’ve come to see how superficial McCain really is. The “maverick” thing, is a marketing technique. I bet a lot of you would be surprised that he actually voted Republican, 88.3% overall. And its also true that he voted in agreement with Bush Jr., 90% of the time.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…

This man does not shoot from the hip, otherwise he wouldn’t have to say that he does all the time. Overcompensating, anyone?

This is all calculated bait and switch. I got a lot of shit for it, but I knew Bush was a con from day one. And I’ll take a lot of shit now, but I won’t shut up about it.

McCain is not who he says he is. It’s one thing to change your mind. In fact, I tend to applaud it. But I despise it when it’s done for swaying votes, not out of change of heart.

It is because I no longer trust McCain, that I am highly suspicious of his VP choice. And I think I am not mistaken in the underhanded insult by such a choice. I mean come on, another beauty queen?

Another one?

Or how about this one?

Seriously, what is it with John McCain and trophy women? Not only is the choice shallow, but its superficial as well. Choosing a weak running mate who just happens to be pretty is not a coincidence. Given his triple choice of beauty queens, one can understand why it looks like a cynical and highly dickish move.

Don’t get mad at me cause I can see the patterns. They are on full display for all to see, and we have this thing called “a google“. Trust me, its kind of a big deal.

Please please please…

Just because people say something, doesn’t mean its true.