maybe you prayed too hard…

Yeah, cause I’m sure that’s what god wanted…

Though I myself am an atheist, I can’t help but chuckle at the irony of this.

Now what I want to know is… what’s the radical right’s spin on it this time. I mean, now it looks like the torrential downpour is happening during their convention. So what does Stuart Sheppard think now?

Does he think this is a message from god? Or since it doesn’t suit his selfish desires, perhaps he’ll just write it off as a coincidence?

I mean, who are they going to blame for god’s wrath this time? Is it the gays, lesbians, abortionists? And these guys have the nerve to claim liberals blame America first!

I fully believe that THESE are the actual people who are fucking up America. They are so divisive, and come on, they are CLEARLY INSANE!!!

What more proof do you need? Besides, Falwell wasn’t raptured like he said he would be, he just dropped the fuck dead. And then a million angels got their wings… ha ha

No seriously though, why doesn’t anyone ever point out how childish, selfish, and irrelevant these “religious” snake oil salesmen for what they are? They’re either plain morons, or political operatives.

A lot of these people should have their non-profit status revoked. And as a side note, Robertson and Falwell should be kissing our Constitution’s ass for being secularist. Cause who knows, maybe their beliefs aren’t in the majority either? Douchebags…

These people are fucking relentless. And they’ve injected non-issues into politics, so now we all ever talk about are their stupid irrelevant personal issues, and never about real things, like the budget or who are we secretly bombing this week…

Gay marriage and abortion are irrelevant issues when it comes to an election. Can we please vote on something that actually matters?

Special note for the religious folk…

Look in a mirror, and see how selfish you are being with your vote. Not all religious folk, but many wish to impose their religious beliefs into our government. They want the non-believers to be forced to live the way they want. Some people have been accustomed to receiving special privilages for so long, that whenever the playing field is leveled, they cry “persecution”. Shut up. You’re not being persecuted. And your false cries weaken the arguments of those who actually HAVE been persecuted. (Like Jesus)

That’s not fair and you know it. Nobody is forcing anyone into same sex marriage and if you don’t want an abortion, then don’t get one. This ain’t China, son. Also, the politicians know that you will vote for anyone who merely says they are anti-choice. So most likely, the very person you’re voting for is probably lying about their real feelings on abortion just to win.

And everytime, you stupid one issue people deliver. You make me fucking sick. So go, pray for rain… pretend that god likes you more than the dude sitting next to you… that god actually cares about your stupid petty childish problems… Damn… what about enjoying the life god gave you, instead of demanding he do this or that for you… Yet, I’m the heathen?

9 Responses to “maybe you prayed too hard…”

  1. Reverend Manny Says:

    Ah america. Where we worship at the twin altars of church and shopping. Cuz that’s what Jesus would do. He would teach those poor fucks a lesson and starve them of money and resources. He would force his religion down the throat of every man, woman and child he came across (and do so aided by guns, bombs and the Faux News Channel). Jesus would really kick some fucking ass.

    The things is, the religious retards are necessary to the commercial spendfucks that run our society. The RRs need few handlers and they rarely have anything interesting (and thus dangerous) to say. They are perfect “sheeple” (to use one of your own phrases).

    Ever notice how “buy” and “baa” sound kinda alike? hmm…

    Kudos on a great blog.

    My favorite part…”Some people have been accustomed to receiving special privilages for so long, that whenever the playing field is leveled, they cry “persecution”. Shut up. You’re not being persecuted. And your false cries weaken the arguments of those who actually HAVE been persecuted. (Like Jesus)”

    Touchizzle indeed

    Buck Fush,
    Reverend Manny and the Grey Deftronix

  2. @ Reverend Manny

    1. Kudos to you. It’s not every day that I see an actual Rev who makes sense.

    2. “Twin altars of church and shopping…” Perfect example of Americans not paying attention and doing as little as possible… remember after 9/11, the great advice our “president” gave us to fight the “terra”?


    -yeah, that really kicked the shit out of bin laden huh?

    3. Love the new acronym “RR”. Do you have a copyright for that? Or should I just link to you whenever I use it? 😉

    Best Wishes, and thanks for commenting!

  3. feignsurprise Says:

    They mentioned the feminists in there, are they against women now too.

  4. @feignsurprise:

    Yeah, they dislike pretty much any woman who doesn’t “know her proper place”.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. As I am reading on here I realize you don’t really talk about what your candidate is going to do to make things better.

    All you say is how you don’t like McCain and how you think he is dumb, but you don’t say anything about how Obama is going “save the US”

    Or are you just another lemming caught up in the great hype of hope. Just adoring Obama as if he was the savior of the world.

    Your blog has brightened my day up with some humor. So I thank you for your uneducated political blather.

    I do though agree with you in not liking Falwell, he is bat-shit crazy. He actually makes me wish i we didn’t believe in the same God.

  6. @Jonathan

    Maybe because the title of the blog was more about the Republican candidate. If you read my other blogs, you might have noticed that I’m not a fan of Democrats either. Please tell me where I said I’m supporting Obama.

    Anyhow, go ahead, insult me and assume that I’m another lemming if it makes you feel better.

  7. @Jonathan again:

    Well at least we agree about Falwell!

    Thanks for commenting!


  8. Yeah i am sorry i had read a long lists of pro obama blogs and i guess i assumed you were too. So sorry i came off as insulting implying you were saying Obama had all the qualities McCain doens’t.

    Yeah Falwell is a douche! I remember after 9/11 he said that this was God punishing the US cause of all the abortions and gay sex in the nation. I wanted to march to his house and kick his ass. I am a christian and i get so pissed when people leverage God to say things that are wrong, (GW Bush, and so on) so yeah we can agree on disliking the religious wackos!

    Truth ber told i am a Ron Paul supporter. I wasn’t going to vote for McCain until a week ago. I don’t like him, i do however think i little higher of him than Obama.

    So i ask who do you support, or what do you suppport?
    I know it is easier to be a pundant and demean things, but it is considerablly harder to be positive about something.

  9. @Jonathan

    Hey, don’t sweat it. Back in 2004, I didn’t think Kerry was all that great, but I still to this day believe that Bush was THAT BAD!

    I used to like McCain, but I really believe that he is too in bed with the Religious Right. In fact, I think the entire Republican Party has been hijacked by these religious wackos, and for that reason, I will not vote Republican for quite some time.

    I, too, am a Ron Paul supporter. As for election day, I’m actually undecided, but I know I’m not voting for McCain.

    I’ve heard that line so often about being positive about something, but if everything is shit, why should I pretend that there is someone out there worthwhile. My dream ticket would have been Paul/Kucinich, but what’s the chance of that even being close?

    Truth be told, I am sick of the entire system. I love what America is supposed to stand for, but there’s a big difference between “what is”, and “what should be”. I guess that’s my way of saying I’d prefer to demean things. Besides, this blog was never really meant to be taken that seriously. I’m kinda shocked that I’m getting hits. This was more of a venting thing for me. I’m really not that pissed, and in person, I think I’m quite pleasant… ha ha.

    Nice chatting with you!

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