“i ain’t ever votin fer a n****r”: why is this election so close?

Ah, the end of August… the Democratic National Convention is wrapping up, and you can practically see the inner racists bubbling to the top.

“Oh shit! I didn’t think he’d actually make it this far…”

Right now, the presidential election should not even be close.


It should be painfully obvious that Obama blows McCain out of the water. On so many levels.

He’s smart. Remember what it was like to have a smart president?
McCain is a luddite. That’s bad business, period. Meanwhile, Obama knows more about modern tech than I do. And I sorta work in computers and am under the age of 30. That’s fucking impressive.

STOP BEING STUPID. The rest of the world fucking hates us. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit. But now that religious fanatics (other than the ones already living here) are actively trying to kill us, um, I’d like the cooperation of the rest of the world. I’d rather just be defending against some radical groups than everyone else. Don’t you think the average Iranian would be less likely to hate us if our President DIDNT make jokes about bombing them?

How could anyone possibly vote for someone who’s kind of ok with the hellish 8 years of this Bush administration? Shit, McCain voted what… 90 something % alongside the “president”? AFTER all the shit Bush did to McCain in the 2000 primaries? That’s not a maverick, that’s not a leader, that’s a BITCH.

Older people, I’m sorry but anyone who doesn’t know what google is, has no business being the leader of even a girl scout meeting in today’s world. No seriously. That’s enough of the idiots and luddites. McCain can’t quite grasp “the google”, huh? So, basically everyone reading this blog has a better understanding of the internet than someone running for the most powerful position on the planet. And apparently, a lot of you people are ok with that?!?!?

How out of touch do you have to be? It’s not like google is brand spanking new, its TEN YEARS OLD!!! Shit, maybe if he googled more often, he would have realized that the Anbar province “successes” happened BEFORE the surge. I’m sure he hates youtube. I mean, didn’t he realize that all those video clips from prior years would come back to haunt him? I mean, the Republican party had the nerve to call John Kerry a flip flopper! Not only is he ignorant of “the google”, unaware of how friggin popular youtube is, and you think this guy is going to make an educated decision on net neutrality?

You want to see out of touch?

Now I assume he’s talking about immigrants and jobs going overseas, but let’s look at the example he gave. $50/hour to pick lettuce? Sign me up! Shit, I’d LOVE to make 100K by picking lettuce. I mean, it won’t make me $5mill, which is what McCain thinks is rich, it won’t buy me 7, 8, 9, or 10 houses.

What ever happened to decent character analysis? Seriously. Why doesn’t anyone else seem to question this man’s integrity about… caving into Bush, caving to the religious right, trying to cave to the extreme right. yet somehow gets away with the misleading nickname, “maverick”?!?! How is that not a perfect example of OPPORTUNISM or LACK OF INTEGRITY!

Obama should be kicking his ass up and down the electorate…

but he’s not…

Last night I got to witness a perfect example of how friggin racist even democrats are. I was over my boyfriend’s friend’s apartment last night. The 3 of us were gathered to watch the convention. Our host gets a phone call from one of his friends. This guy, let’s just call him “Strom”.

Back in 2004, I used to hang more with “Strom” cause I was cool with his girlfriend. Back then, I was an assistant director for MoveOn.org’s GOTV campaign. Yeah, I was kinda high up there. But anyhow, I was touring the country before being finally stationed in Florida. Before I left, “Strom” and my friend made a little care package for me. All anti-Bush, anti-Republican stuff.

Shit, even after I returned from the great stolen defeat, for the past few years its been,

“Yo, wtf is up with these Republicans? Why are they so fucking stupid? How could anyone vote Republican?”

His words, not mine.

So now, after 8 years of bashing Bush and being all about the Democrats… now that Obama is the nominee…

“Eh, I’ve been leaning more towards McCain.”

“What? WHY?”

“Michelle Obama’s speech had racial undertones, I didn’t see it, but my dad told me”

Then I remembered. Oh yeah, his girlfriend doesn’t like black people. Which is funny because she’s a Pakistani Muslim. Oh NORTH Pakistan, my bad… she’s LIGHTER.

The two of them really are similar in that aspect. I’ve heard them numerous times insinuate that black people are somehow “different”. Or “not as smart”. They take the false Duke rape allegations, and condemn an entire tint of skin because of it.

Kinda like McCain calling all Asians “gooks”.

It’s weird. Growing up realizing that, “yeah… mad people are racist…friends and family”

But living in NY made me really think otherwise.

“Oh at least here, in the city, people know better…”

Nah man, it’s everywhere. And you know what, a lot of hipsters, yuppies, yupsters, liberals are fucking racist too! It’s a soft kind. They know to speak PC, but its the type of white dudes that talk differently to black dudes. Like all black people are “hood”. That sort of shit…

I think a lot of closet racists didn’t think Obama would really get this far. Oh sure, mad people say they’ll vote for Obama, but let’s see how they really are once they go to the voting booth. I bet you they don’t even realize their racism. That or spoonfuls of denial and self forgiveness. They’ll come up with some stupid made up thing, like saying Michelle’s speech was filled with “racial undertones”. Yet when asked to clarify, it’s always some pathetic excuse that makes no sense.

Christ, these are people who have been against the Iraq invasion since day 1! How could you POSSIBLY be for McCain if you disagree with this war? That makes no sense.

Honestly, I think a lot of people have an inner redneck that feels Obama is too “uppity” and should be “put in his proper place” or some shit like that. I’m not saying all McCain supporters are like this. But Obama should be kicking the shit out of him right now. And I really can’t see any other reason why.

7 Responses to ““i ain’t ever votin fer a n****r”: why is this election so close?”

  1. Angrygirl, have you seen this:


    Obama will win. McGrumpy has made a fatal mistake with Palin.

  2. Wow. They really ought to change their name to “GrandSTANDING Old Party”. He’s got a lot of balls saying

    “It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a natural disaster,”

    …being that when Katrina hit, he was too busy celebrating his birthday with Bush.

  3. Do you even realize the consequences of the policies that Obama has talked about.

    Do you even know what you are talking about.

    You want to tell me Obama is a good leader he started his campain with a man who bombed this country admitted it and is not remorseful. A man who is a proud communist. Obama sat on two boards with him in Ill.

    So that makes a good leader someone who goes to a church for 20 years that is the equivalent of racist as the whole KKK group.

    Tell me that makes him a great man to come and lead this country.

    I know, you have been wooed by his speeches and commercials and the rhetoric. I am glad you have the freedom to express you uneducated views on the whole election.

  4. @Jonathan,

    Actually, its more of a criticism of the Democrats, but I see you choose to assume that anyone who does not like John McCain is automatically in love with Obama.

    And if you’re going to attack Obama for being limked to Rev. Wright, well then you might want to check out Rev. Hagee on McCain’s side.

    Not so great either.

    Could you send me the sources to this alleged bomber? I have not heard of this story to date. Since you think I’m so uneducated, perhaps you can enlighten me with some more propoganda. Left or right, it all makes me sick.

    You really like to assume things about people don’t you? Please tell me where I’m kissing Obama’s ass. There’s a difference between pointing things out, like McCain not understanding google, and thinking Obama is a demi-god.

    FYI, I ‘m not a fan of the Dems either, I just happen to hate them less than the current Republicans.

  5. Again i am sorry i had read probably 15 pro-Obama blogs and i assumed yours was too.

    Yeah Hagee is not awesome. I say that to show that Obama isn’t a “saint” i don’t McCain is either. But he isn’t idolized like Obama is!

    Oh how i wish Ron Paul would have made it!

  6. @Jonathan

    Hey, don’t sweat it. I’ve done the same many a time.

    Hagee is pure scum. Yeah, I don’t think either one of them is a saint. But criticizing Obama for being more popular is just hating on him cause that means he’s currently winning. At least that’s how I see it.

    I wish Ron Paul would have made it too. Last year, me and my man, and our roommate went to Amsterdam. I saw some house with a Ron Paul sticker on it and got all excited. At least the Dutch pay attention! I took a picture of it to remind me that outside of America, people actually read.

  7. are you a part of the campain for liberty?

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